October 14, 2015

Festival season is here and I’m losing my shit! And by shit I mean ‘mind’ and not actual things.
 IMG_5598Friars ate enough of my personal belongings to last me a lifetime. Okay who am I even kidding? Kinky Disco definitely consumed my mirror sunnies – or maybe I just left them in the porter loo (I don’t know which is worse TBH). Whatevs,  FESTIVAL!

In my pre-festival euphoria (like RN) I’ve compiled this list of must-have festival shit (to not lose and lose your shit about) in light of this Rocking the FRIKKEN Daisies this weekend. Obvs you need a tent, some food with nutritional value IRL, a jacket and…

Adornments | If you’ve been looking for an excuse to look like royalty in Hunger Games now is your chance! No kidding. Perf timing. Decorate the hek out of yourself with bindis, chokers, rings and things – Christmas trees are so in right now.
Sunny G’s | Practice safe hangovers. Use Sunny G’s. Unless you have like superhuman eyes that don’t feel like they’re being doused in acid when hungover and observing any kind of bright light.
PEZ | Your sugar will drop (especially if you’re taking candy from strangers) and you will get grumpy. And I mean, it’s a unicorn that spits sweets from its mouth – who can even say no?!
RiCharge | Not to be confused with Rehydrate, this little power source will save lives when you’re trying to insta that golden circle selfie with your bestie. Be honest with yourself; it will happen and you will want to selfie with at least 50%.
Torch | Because who the eff ever manages to find their tent in the dark even? Naaaaah.
Zambuk | Because you’re gonna smooch in the sun and that shit’s gonna chap.
Sunscreen | Factor 50 with collagen, that is all. If you just asked yourself why the hek you might need to re-evaulate the meaning of life – swift move to Mercury might also do the trick.
Britney & co. | Roadtrip tjunes like no other. See I almost packed the recent Foals album but since this year’s Daisy’s lineup is about 4 years late I figured paying tribute to the classics would be apt.
InstaxMini | We all have that one friend that needs post jol evidence, right? That GUY who got wasted at 2pm on Beach Bar shots and disco-napped the night away. And what better way to kick FOMO in the fasche than with a snap shot or two of all of your friends having fun while you disco nap?
Flower crown |  JUST.
Moonbag | To hold all of the afore mentioned kak. DUH.

Okay sweet, I look forward to seeing many a bedazzled-pez-eating-zambuk-smooching human this weekend in Darling. I’ll be the one wondering around like a rainbow-gypsy, camera in hand ready to take some snaps of you pretty people. No I’m not a creep, I just wanna snap your pic and give you a chance to win free My Scattered Heart goodies. Rad right? You might land up in a Superbalist snapchat in the interim too but I mean, what’s a snapchat between groupies really?

Amaze – meet you at the main stage x

Instax Mini | Superbalist
Moonbag | My Scattered Heart
Sunnies | Superbalist

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