April 30, 2015

Mathlete might be pushing it a tad, but if Buzzfeed quizzes are anything to go by apparently Kevin Gnapoor makes for my apt spirit animal.IMG_4132
About to google who that is? SHAMEFUL. Jaykay. We’ll let this one slide because geeks are considerate like that and because this ain’t a pop quiz.
It is, however, a look post inspired by hard work, good luck and introverted tendencies (thanks Buzz for so intuitively picking up on that). Not to mention a hint of balance for bonus points – those yin yangs aren’t just for show yo’.
It’s coming up winter and I’m all for walking around in sleeping-bag-like numbers, collared button-ups and glasses that may, or may not, be the real deal. Because looking good is essential when you find yourself needingย to discover that the equation’s limit does not exist.

P.s. Regular Mean Girls watching will certainly help to decipher this piece.IMG_4129IMG_4164IMG_4141IMG_4172IMG_4137IMG_4134IMG_4162

Outfit details
Shirt: MRP.com
Parka Jacket: RVCA on Spree
Glasses: Mr Price
Earrings: Spree
Leggings: MRP.com
Socks: Top Shop
Creepers: T.U.K shoes

Photographs by Janine Nel Photography (take a look at her instagram too – trust me).

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