July 1, 2015
stone fox

Blah blah consumerism blah the man blah. I know. Minimalism blah. I KNOW. I’m working on cutting down the kak but these beauties got the better of me. As did the depths of internet shopping.  Yeah, bro. With the click of a mouse I could have shopped away a month’s worth of dinner. Carrie survived on Vogues, I can get by on Watermelon clutches – right? Anyhow, in no particular order, here’s my pick of the best that the Cyber Mall has to offer.

1. Mesh Bodysuit by – because mesh is hot AF and black’s a staple. DUH. We’ll forget about the impracticality of this piece and embrace the sheer chicness – yes? Yes.
2. Fringed Jacket by Next, on Spree. FRIIIIINGE and fluff (not that there’s fluff on this piece but we’re getting there) are two of my favourite F-bombs this season. Yes, that’s a fashion bomb. Wash your mouth out.
3. Kay boots, by ZOOM on Superbalist. Buckles. Boots. Black. I’m biased. These badass beauties are more versatile than a rainbow motif and happen to work with denims, skater skirts, tights or dungarees.
4. Crosley Cruiser Because music you guys. Who wouldn’t want a floral cased turn-table?
5. Denim Skirt Denim is the coca-cola of fashion. It transcends age, trend, class and circa. Holla investment piece!
6. Fluffy Pullover You’re lying to yourself, and me, if you claim to never have woken up wanting to look like Bubbles, the Power Puff, for your 10 o’clock meeting. CEO’s dig it man.
7. Watermelon Clutch Medical practitioners have often advised me to keep a snack on me to keep my blood sugar levels from dropping – this counts right?
8. Sequin Boyfriend Jeans Androgyny and disco? Get me to the front of the queue!
9. Casio Watch When Long street eats your phone, you leave your laptop charger at work and your kitchen is kitchen clockless, one should always have a savvy casio to keep you punctual and looking like a grandpa. It’s a must.
10. Lexi Bra R10 says it’ll work better than a pick up line. Jaykay. Bras are for bitches not bros. Hek knows this piece has the capacity to elicit the same amount of feminine power now as shoulder pads did in the 80s.

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