August 25, 2015

As in nothing? Nix. Nada. Celebrate it? Soz what?

Oggling this uncharacteristically bright look with Phantogram-Foals-on-repeat, in the midst of a life-pivot, I can’t help but wonder if my grad lecturer’s taste for yellow got the better of me or if this minimalist stripes-blazer combo suits me IRL.

Stripes? Not sure. Celebrations? YAS. Chaos induced minimal living? YAS. Celebrations X Minimal. See where I’m going with this? No? Minimal lifestyles, minimal trends, minimal moments and maximum yay! Yay?  Because this is the way the celebrations should begin; not with a bang but with a basic (bitches not included).

So in the midst of the brightness, the chaos and the saturation I’m attempting to take a sartorial-life-thing sabbatical to curate, refine and appreciate the littlest of thing-things, the coincidences and the spaces.

To celebrate the nothingness of an old jacket, the nothingness of a simple stripe or the simplicity of a quiet moment near a loud wall. To celebrate the feels of warm fingers in sheltered pockets and chip-free nails on Tuesday arvies. To be aware of the nothingness in catch-ups with your day-ones or the catharsis of a closet after some good spring-cleanies (and a subsequent donation because conscience & EQ are NB).

Turn up the experience. Drop the kak (and style what’s left right). In essence.

Now go have yourself a lekker day x

IMG_9676IMG_9669IMG_9696IMG_9694 IMG_9682IMG_9661

Photography: Janine Nel Photography|
Blazer: Vintage Touch
Striped tee: My Scattered Heart
Sunnies: MRP

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