December 30, 2015

Call me in the afternoon, even by 1.

I’ll be the one simmering down and puckering up a shift dress, block-heeled boots and a bedhead.

A bedhead? Ugh.

Baby, please just chill for like a second? Ease up. Mellowing out is cool.

It’s not easy to figure out where a day will go after a night that ended hours ago, especially when said night was the “best IRL” according to #selfie #instagram. What next? It’s 11am. The status? Three hours of sleep, an unlost cellphone and new found IRL life experience  – crisis? Nah. Back to work? Nah, the 1pm vibe report’s whispering “just chill for 2 seconds” and “have a good time, babe.”

Cool. Shift dress, block-healed boots, bedhead kinda cool. IMG_0171IMG_0197IMG_0136IMG_0202IMG_0147IMG_0146

Photography: Janine Nel

Hat: The LOT via Superbalist
Dress: Superbalist
Boots: Superbalist
Socks: Cotton On
Ring: Lovisa

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