Bleach // 漂白

October 20, 2016

Lookin’ at summer like new faux, who dis?

It’s the end of November and I’m out here posting an OOTD ft. the fluffiest jacket in the history of fluffy jackets. Apparently it’s meant to be Summer but Winter’s playing hot and cold and, well, I’m not ready to commit.

Nor am I going to try and turn this extended caption into a piece about life, the universe and everything in between. We all know the answer is 42 and not pink fluff.

That said, if I were here to talk climate change, the trumpocolypse or the fur industry, the media or meat consumption or the system in general – it’d be sure to inspire a string of essay-length-wikipedia’d-from-the-couch-IMO comments and I ain’t got time for that sh*t.

Instead, I’ll just be out here cuddling my fur, listening to good music and feeling thankful that everything in my immediate surrounds are fine because what else can you do when the system is lit and life is short?


1412 162 174 18 19

Photographs // Janine Nel

Pants / MRP
Men’s tee + backpack / CottonOn
Jacket / Gifted
Shoes / H&M

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